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Spiritual Life Coaching

Starting at



60 Minutes

About the Class

A Spiritual Coach helps you connect to your true authentic self. They work with you to navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, bust limiting beliefs, and remove blocks. A spiritual coach uses a deeper, more holistic approach than traditional life coaching and therapies.

These sessions will assist you make improvements in your life and move out of your "stuck" state. They will connect you with the divine knowledge within yourself. As a Spiritual Life Coach I work more as a facilitator, than as a counselor. I believe we all are the creators of our reality, we just have to learn how to navigate the energy in us and around us.

Benefits of having a Spiritual Life Coach:
- Improved self-confidence.
- A different perspective.
- Become more aware of your intuitive gifts
- Create a balanced life.
- Foster better relationships with Self, Family, Friends and significant others
- Discovery your language in connection to the universe
- Find happiness.
- Discover clarity of purpose
- Eliminate bad habits
- Tap into your abundance
- Eliminate negative thinking and shift towards gratitude mindset
- Overcome your fears
- Unearth creativity
- Decreased depression and anxiety
- Reduce stress

These session may include channeled messages, mediation, breathwork and clearings.

4 - 60 minute sessions: $240
8 - 60 minute sessions: $450

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