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Energy Reading




60 Minutes

About the Class

An Energy Reading is a noninvasive way to get a “snapshot” of your chakras and receive messages from the Divine. During a reading, I will scan your chakras and tell you what I see. We will also ask for insight from your angels, ancestors, and other guides through channeled messages.

Energy readings are short and tailored to receiving information for you, and giving insight and direction. Energy readings can help you tap into your own intuition, have new direction for your healing efforts, and most importantly, feel validated and supported by the Divine.

Energy readings can also help with:
- Blocked or imbalanced chakras
- Energy cords
- Stuck energy/past traumas
- Current dynamics in your relationships, career, or health
- Connecting with Spirit Guides

Email us for Group Rates and discounted session packages!

Zoom available.

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