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Welcome to
Spiritual Alchemy


Transform. Liberate. Change.

Spiritual Alchemy is transformation, inner liberation, and change achieved through freeing yourself from your fears, limiting beliefs systems, and lack of self-acceptance. 


Our goal is to put out products that help people get back into a space of spiritual healing by providing them with classes, healing sessions, and products.  All focused on helping you be grounded and connected to Mother Earth and the Divine Creator.

Healing Stones

Spiritual Alchemy with Marquesa Kajar


My name is Marquesa Kajar and I am an intuitive healer and spiritual life coach. I am passionate about helping others heal so they move forward towards their true purpose and release the fear that is blocking their blessings.


I’ve had a spiritual calling and desire to make a difference in the world by transforming people's lives through energy work and connecting with your higher self.

As your spiritual life coach, I want to assist you with tuning into your intuition, life purpose, and living your truth. I love to help people BREAK THROUGH their limiting beliefs and unleash their greatest potential! I am committed to helping others navigate through their AWAKENING.


Everyone has a spiritual gift to give to the world, sometimes we just need someone to help us find our path and gain understanding. The Universe is working overtime on your behalf. There's only one of you in this entire Universe.

You are ONE with everything and a Unique Divine Being!

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